• 98% of individuals revealed they open the SMS they receive.
  • The response rate for an SMS is 209% higher than the email response rates.
  • In 2020, 61% of marketers had extended their SMS marketing budgets.
  • 90% of SMS are read in under three seconds

These are just a few vital statistics that state SMS Marketing has become a popular way for marketers to communicate with their customers. Profiteers have now discovered this marketing secret, and it is helping them to win the marketing war. If you too wish to join the league, don’t forget to include the most pertaining, result-oriented marketing strategy on your list.

But to win the game, firstly, you need to know the game properly.

Did you know that boomers and millennials spend around 5 to 6 hours on their phones every day! People are instantly drawn into their phones by a simple “Buzz” or “Ting”. It’s no surprise that e-commerce is rising at a faster rate than ever before, and you can’t afford to overlook any marketing strategies.

If you want to take advantage of SMS Marketing, you should think about using it for more than just marketing channels. Make it a part of your core offering instead, whether those are customized tips, refill reminders, 1-on-1 discussions with an expert, or anything else. SMS is a constant fixture on everyone’s phone since it is the only messaging function baked into every smartphone and pre-installed. It’s cost-effective and mighty powerful, but the benefits go far beyond that.

Just 160 characters, either persuade the recipient or see yourself in the block list. The choice is yours! 

To explore the SMS Marketing Best Strategies for SMS Campaign, walk with us through this beneficial piece of writing. But, first, let’s understand,

Is SMS Marketing Persuasive?

High-profile brands like Facebook, CNN, Express, Reebok, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. are all making perfect use of text messages for marketing. They all know the fact that 

SMS marketing is beneficial in three ways:

  • For Increasing brand awareness.
  • For boosting engagement from customers.
  • For generating more sales.

As a typical and underused channel, SMS marketing offers e-commerce marketers a unique opportunity to build a relationship with their customers.

45% is the average Conversion Rate of SMS Marketing. The reason being, a short text is more likely to be read than an email.

At the moment, 4.88 billion people own cell phones, with 3.80 billion owning smartphones (Statista). As a consequence, texting is a more convenient way to communicate with others.

For Millennials, Gen Z, or Boomers, mobile devices are something they cannot live without! That is why you need to know all about SMS Marketing’s best practices if you want to maintain steady growth in your business.

SMS Marketing Best Practices

Did you know: The SMS Marketing market is expected to grow to $83.03 billion by 2024. Let’s check out the best SMS Marketing practices that will help us in winning an SMS Campaign.  

1. Consider a unique, brand-friendly shortcode

Shortcodes are precisely 5 or 6-digit phone numbers, specifically made for commercial use and mass mobile communications. When using SMS for large-scale marketing, you’ll almost always need one. Since they are shorter, these codes are easier to remember and type than standard phone numbers. Best of all, these numbers are specifically designed for the marketing. Wireless carriers have personally approved them for marketing, which means that your messages don’t get blocked. You can also send messages even faster than you can with standard cell phone numbers. Having the throughput of a shortcode is crucial, particularly for time-sensitive offers.

2. Personalize Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

Truth be told, customized content beats static substance by 42%. That’s the reason why organizations make the correct use of customization techniques. Some e-commerce personalization models incorporate beneficiaries by name, send offers/data based on their location, and list recent activity with the organization like cart abandonment reminders and shipping notifications.

3. Use an SMS Marketing Tool

Sending bulk SMS to potential customers is not a cakewalk. Therefore, small and big entities make optimum use of SMS marketing tools available in the market. An SMS marketing tool will likewise manage the cost of essential measurements and details to see how effective campaigns are. With this information, you can fine-tune your campaigns and experiment with different strategies to achieve the best possible ROI.

In many ways, a good SMS marketing tool will assist you in nailing your plan. Some of these ways are:

  • You’ll be able to automate and deliver several SMS marketing messages at once.
  • Specific SMS marketing tools will allow you to add SMS directly to your email automation workflows. Thus, saving you time and energy.
  • SMS campaigns can be activated similarly to email campaigns, with the same degree of segmentation that helps you to target your messages.
  • If you don’t have SMS authorization, you can send the message via email or another channel to ensure that your customer receives it.

4. Maintain consistency while keeping an eye on the frequency.

Perhaps the most significant mistake organizations make when utilizing SMS isn’t sending messages reliably enough. Their thinking is sound: they need to try not to spam clients. However, sending too many messages, when individuals fail to remember why they even joined and subscribed isn’t a suitable scenario. At the point when they do hear from you, it’ll appear to be out of nowhere and conceivably unwanted. Consumers react well to predictable informing. With an excellent social media strategy, successful text campaigns maintain a consistent and regular schedule. Try not to send more than 2–6 SMS messages per month. Any more than that may annoy your subscribers.

5. Offer some Value

Make sure each text message you send is worthwhile. If anyone is willing to give you explicit permission to text them, you can reward them with something valuable. Also, if you’re using text software for marketing, make sure your texts are new and exciting. They should be treated as VIPs.

6. Go worldwide, but serve your customers locally.

Are you trying to reach out to a younger demographic with your message? On average, 42 percent of Millennials check their text messages ten times or more a day. So segment your text SMS accordingly. Moreover, segmentation can be done based on:

  1.  Time Zone

A late-night, text advertising your company is a surefire way to lose a customer for good. No organization wants to end up on the block list. Therefore, match your timings with your customers and work accordingly.

  1.  Language

Messages should be sent in the native tongue. It will help the consumer to connect with the organization. Moreover, there is less chance for an individual not opening the message. 

7. Have a call-to-action in your message.

Did you know: 33% of SMS recipients react to CTAs in SMS marketing messages, and 47% of those end up making a purchase. Have a call-to-action statement, an intent, instruction, and a time frame if your character count allows it. Craft the messages in such a way, that your customer knows what to do next, how to do it, and when to do it. As a result, you’ll be able to assist them in moving through their path.

   Here are a few instances

–To receive weekly email marketing news, sign up now to <this link>.

–Free shipping is available if you use <this code> before 6 p.m.

–Fill out <this survey> right now for a chance to win great prizes.

–Visit <this link> before midnight for items on clearance.

8. Shorten your URL 

If you don’t want to waste precious space with a long URL, use URL shortener tools that will help you include your link without taking up as much space. You can add your website link or social media URL. It’ll look professional, and you never know, but this could turn your curious customer into a client.

9. Provide an Exit

Your subscribers need to know that they can opt out of your text messaging program at any time. There is another thing that our SMS marketing service does for you by default in your auto-replies. When someone signs up for your text messaging list, in addition to “Msg & Data rates may apply”, we also add “txt STOP to cancel” to the end of your auto-reply. Again, this is included ONLY in your auto-reply. Consumers will not see this in every text you send out. 

On the off chance that you’ve made it this far, extraordinary work! Following these SMS Marketing best practices truly isn’t much difficult. Particularly with a mass SMS administration like Campaign Labs, which has everything you require worked in already. Still puzzled, book a Free Demo today

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