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There are three modes of sending SMS. It includes:

  • 1. Basic campaign
  • 2. Standard campaign
  • 3. Advanced campaign

In a single campaign, you can send 1,00,000 SMS.

A Sender ID is the name which identifies the header of an SMS message. It can be alphanumeric but is of maximum 6 characters, Eg : ICICIBNK. It can include your company name, product name or any other names. 

You can add a new sender ID by going to MSP-SenderID ->Add. Select the appropriate route for the sender ID (MSPs) and Request. Sender ID’s need to be approved by your admin/reseller.

It’ll take at most an hour to get approved.

You will get an instant notification after the sender ID is approved. You can start sending sms right away with that sender ID. 

1 Credit is equal to one message which has 160 characters for English. For any other regional language, kindly contact our team.

Yes, you can send messages of upto 800 characters. 1 credit will be deducted for every 160 characters. For more than 160 characters, extra credit will be charged. Suppose, you have a 180 character message. So, it’ll deduct 2 credits.

Template is the stored message which is used frequently. You can start creating new by going to Preset -> Templates -> Add. This way you can use it for sending Basic, Standard or Advanced Campaigns.

Credits will be taken for both Valid Numbers and Invalid Numbers. You might have added 91, +91 or 0 to the numbers. So, check before sending your next sms.

Yes, we support alpha and numeric sender IDs. Therefore, you can use it to send SMS.


Pricing for a single SMS is listed on our pricing page.

For short codes, please drop us an email at 

Go to Profile - > Change Password and your password will be changed.

You can schedule any number of sms for the future by going to Campaign-> Create & Schedule.

No, there is no maximum limit. However, for better throughput, schedule only if necessary. 

You can manage your scheduled sms by going to Campaign - > Overview. Furthermore, you can delete the sms by clicking on the delete button in the action column. You can also stop or edit the campaigns, if you want. 

Please store all the numbers as mentioned in the list management column or download the example.csv file to understand the format of data. Then go to Campaign -> Create and Schedule and finally select the data from the list.

For example, you want to send salary details to your employees.

CSV File


The message will be 

Dear {{ field1 }}, Your salary of Rs. {{field2}} is credited to your bank account successfully.

 Likewise any number of fields can be added and messages can be sent accordingly. 

Go to Data Management -> Search Contact -> Enter the number without 91 or +91 and check if the number exists or not.

You can use our HTTP API to plugin sms to your website.

HTTP Application Programming Interface is used to send sms from any application instantly connected to the internet.

You can use ASP, ASP.NET, Scripting, PHP, JSP, Perl, Python and any scripting languages to send sms.

http://******.com/api/sendmsg.php?user=*******&pass=********&sender=Sender ID&phone=Mobile No&text=SMS&priority=Priority&stype=smstype


User – Your Username

Pass – Your Password

Sender – Approved Sender ID ( SMS will not be delivered if the sender ID is not approved)

Phone – Phone number to which the sms is to be sent (without 91)

API is case sensitive. But the sender ID and route should be matched. Otherwise sms will not be delivered.

Yes. Our development team can get you the required API within 48 hours provided the sales team has approved.

It might take 24 hours to get there. Also, it depends on your domain provider.

Go to Campaign -> Overview -> Select date interval and you can see if your messages have been delivered or not.

Go to Accounts -> Select the customer and click on credit from the action column. Credits will be deducted from your account.

Go to Accounts -> Select the customer and click on pullback from the action column. Credits deducted will be reflected to your account. 

Select the customer and click on In-active from the action column.

Point the A record of the domain to our IP Then put the domain name in and add a new user /reseller.

Go to Accounts - > Add and fill the data for either user or reseller after selecting from the drop down menu. Note that for resellers, a domain name is required. 

Users can send SMS from Web Panel, Segment, Create preset and do list management from the platform. But Resellers apart from sending sms can also sell SMS to their own customers. Resellers get a white labeled panel wherein they can brand to their needs . They will be provided with admin rights so that they can manage their own users.


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