MSG91 vs. CAMPAIGN LABS: Quick and Smart Comparison in 2021

MSG91 vs. CAMPAIGN LABS: Quick and Smart Comparison in 2021

Given the new set of difficulties, communication is now more imperative than ever. As the ‘new normal’ settles in, fast communication services are required to stay connected to the consumer base. It’s the most effective tool that reaches its users with a maximum open rate.

Now several towns and vast swathes of them are still under lockdown. Reassurance and regular communication are the most effective ways to stay connected to clients in these trying times. And as people have adapted to the digital world, mobile has become the most reliable and most affordable vehicle that the masses could use. And a simple, non-bulky piece of information has become its daily passenger to convey the right piece of information.

So addressing this, could a short message service (SMS) be used as a constructive tool for penetration? Will it be efficacious? Well, let’s decide for ourselves based on some logical discussions.

Recent data shows that in 2021, there will be 3.8 billion smartphone owners, thus making digital communication a life-blood. However, out of this, only 75% of customers prefer to get offers through SMS. When compared to any other digital medium, the CTR rate for offer messages is 9.18% greater. And when we compare this to email marketing, SMS has an approximate 98% open rate. Hence, SMS seems pertinent to winning this penetration game.

Mobile engagement and bulk SMS service have been trending for over a decade, as it can reach nearly everyone, anywhere in the globe, with minimum effort. It not only benefits businesses when engaging with current consumers but also broadens customer reach, allowing you to grow market reach, increase sales, and, ultimately, improve customer satisfaction.

Regular notifications will assist in maintaining in touch with the client base while also being relevant. Besides that, transactional messaging services and other government agencies can use API services to reach out to the public with alerts and correct information, therefore combating the deadly sickness of ‘infodemic‘ (WHO has deemed the misinformation and its rapid spread all around).

Furthermore, According to Forbes, “Around 85% of companies have agreed that API integration has paved new ways of development, while 70% of them have already adopted such ways”.

Every organization today relishes the benefits of bulk SMS services. Now that it has become the key, why stay behind? Today numerous companies provide Bulk SMS Service but here, we’ll discuss the two superior SMS marketing services in India.

One is the industry’s old leader, while the other is the new entrant that has come up with nifty features which no other provider in the market holds.

Let’s compare the two and decide which SMS service provider suits your needs best when sending SMS.

Bulk SMS Service Providers Comparison


One of the newly established yet Advanced Campaign Scheduler and Audience Segmentation providers in India, Campaign Labs enables enterprises to reach masses of customers instantly at unbeatable prices. Moreover, with text message scheduling, you can plan your marketing or communications ahead of time by setting your texts to deliver in the future. This smart product is developed by Rightful Labs, a Martech company based in Bhopal. It is a secure platform with end-to-end transcription that allows you to trace logs to demographics.

Furthermore, it gives you free API’s to integrate. It is where you may link your sources to the CL platform. From promotional to transactional to OTP’s, it serves everyone ranging from small/ medium/large businesses to startups, resellers, developers, etc. Therefore, it is a one-stop shop for all of your corporation’s mass volume messaging needs as its super segmentation and scheduler make it unique. Scalable architecture, clicker report, and URL shortener are among the various features of Campaign Labs. Let’s check each of them in detail.


  1. Super Segmentation: Create data segments to better target your customers and generate quality leads.
  2. Data Security:  The server database is completely secure owing to API security and encrypted format.
  3. Smart Analytics: Obtain information about the operating systems used by audiences, as well as facts on the SMSs provided, which aids in retargeting.
  4. Native SMS: Segregate mobile numbers to communicate with customers in their native language, on the basis of their names, etc. helps in getting quality leads.
  5. DND Allowed: In the case of OTPs and relevant alerts that are not marketing-driven, messages can be delivered to DND via short code.
  6. Multi offer suppression: With this solution, you can control your offer-specific suppression.


MSG91 is a walkover enterprise-powered global messaging platform, having over 11 years of experience in the messaging business. As a cloud communication platform, it has 10+ channels that offer services via SMS, Email, Voice, WhatsApp, and RCS via API. It caters for small to large enterprises of all sizes. It also follow fair pricing policy where you’ll get 18*& customer support, money back guarantee and 100% secure data.

More to that, MSG91 has over 10,000+ brands and start-ups as clients, thus serving clients worldwide. Today, it is the leading bulk SMS service in the country with a robust integration system. Contact management, mass texting and message personalization are among the various features of Message91. Let’s check its features in detail.


  1. Seamless Integration: With Smooth integration, you can combine voice APIs into your computing system with no additional resources.
  2. Programmable SMS: Transactional bulk SMS gateways allow you to send automated messages from any application or website.
  3. Regional SMS: Mobile numbers can be segregated using criteria such as state of residence to communicate with customers in their preferred language.
  4. DND Allowed: You can send transactional SMS to DND (Do Not Disturb) phones in your contact list. With promotional communications, this functionality is not available.
  5. Delivery Report: It enables detailed SMS delivery data, allowing senders to see how many users have received and opened the message.
  6. Virtual Number: Using a virtual number and its two-factor authentication features, you can simplify the entire two-way communication procedure.

MSG91 vs. CAMPAIGN LABS Price Comparison

Pricing varies depending on the API service you want to access. It is crucial to assess price options for SMS and voice services. However, in this comparison, we will simply look at the SMS service packages.

Let’s check out the Msg91 pricing and Campaign Labs pricing.

Transactional SMSCAMPAIGN LABS Pricing    MSG 91 Pricing
5000 SMS20p/SMS25p/SMS
5k to 20k SMS18p/SMS20p/SMS
20k to 50k16p/SMS18p/SMS
50k to 1 LakhCustom Quote17p/SMS

Campaign Labs also offers Promotional SMS which starts at 10p/SMS.

*Note that the prices above are average estimations. The cost of any service may vary depending on your location and/or chosen service plan.

So which SMS gateway would you pick?

As far as authenticity is concerned, there isn’t a definitive answer to this question.

It truly depends on your organizational goals, budget, and the amount of services you require. Both SMS Service providers have distinct characteristics and idiosyncrasies, and while they provide approximately the same set of services, their terms and prices vary.

Based on our client reviews, several people have stated that MSG91 pricing is quite high if you are looking for small volumes. At the same time, Campaign Labs offer a similar set of services at unbeatable prices. You can even send scheduled SMS on android, iOS as well as on windows phones. Insightful dashboard, lead tracker and quick setup make this product their first and only choice.

People know now that bulk SMS service is a handy, quick, and cost-effective method of marketing. It is the most effective method of communication while retaining consumers by providing relevant information, advertising value, and publishing product-related news.

If you are seeking powerful, easy to use software solutions with community support, try Campaign Labs; The most Advanced Campaign Scheduler and Audience Segmentation platform yet!